2023 Panini Select Draft Picks Collegiate Football Hobby Box


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  • 15 Cards per Pack
  • 3 Packs per Box
  • 12 Boxes per Case


Select makes its Collegiate return with 2023 Select Draft Picks Football!

Find Hobby Exclusive! insert sets such as Sparks, Phenomenon, Snapshots, Sensations, Select Numbers, Select Certified Rookies and Turbocharged!

Collect autographs from members of the highly sought after 2023 NFL Draft class, which include stars like Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, CJ Stroud, Bijan Robinson and many more!

Be on the lookout for Hobby Exclusive! parallels, such as Tri-Color, Tie-Dye, Zebra and many more!

Hunt for the extremely rare Hobby SP insert, Color Wheel!


  • 3 Autos
  • 3 Base Silver
  • 6 Base Parallels
  • 6 Inserts


Base Concourse:

Chase a 200-card base checklist which includes Base Concourse and Base Field Level! These checklists include not only stars from the past and present, but also include the top draft picks from the loaded 2023 class!

  • Base Concourse Silver Prizm
  • Base Concourse Hyper Prizm
  • Base Concourse Tri-Color Prizm – #’d/199
  • Base Concourse Red Prizm – #’d/149
  • Base Concourse Purple Prizm – #’d/75
  • Base Concourse Orange Prizm – #’d/49
  • Base Concourse White Prizm – #’d/35
  • Base Concourse Tie-Dye Prizm – #’d/25
  • Base Concourse Gold Prizm – #’d/10
  • Base Concourse Green Prizm – #’d/5
  • Base Concourse Black Prizm – #’d 1 of 1
  • Base Concourse Zebra Prizm

Base Field Level:

Chase many fan-favorite parallels that include Tri-Color Prizm, Tie-Die, Zebra and many more!

  • Base Field Level Silver Prizm
  • Base Field Level Hyper Prizm
  • Base Field Level Tri-Color Prizm – #’d/199
  • Base Field Level Red Prizm – #’d/149
  • Base Field Level Purple Prizm – #’d/75
  • Base Field Level Orange Prizm – #’d/49
  • Base Field White Prizm – #’d/35
  • Base Field Level Tie-Dye Prizm – #’d/25
  • Base Field Level Gold Prizm – #’d/10
  • Base Field Level Green Prizm – #’d/5
  • Base Field Level Black Prizm – #’d 1 of 1
  • Base Field Level Zebra Prizm

Hobby Exclusive! Phenomenon:

Only found in Hobby boxes, look for the Phenomenon insert which highlights the best up and coming stars from this loaded 2023 draft class!

  • Phenomenon Silver Prizm
  • Phenomenon Tie-Dye Prizm – #’d/25
  • Phenomenon Gold Prizm – #’d/10
  • Phenomenon Black Prizm – #’d 1 of 1

Hobby Exclusive! Turbocharged:

Another Hobby exclusive insert, get revved up with Turbocharged!

  • Turbocharged Silver Prizm
  • Turbocharged Tie-Dye Prizm – #’d/25
  • Turbocharged Gold Prizm – #’d/10
  • Turbocharged Black – #’d 1 of 1

Rookie Signatures:

Chase some early ink from some of your favorite stars from this year’s freshman class with Rookie Signatures!

  • Rookies Signatures Silver Prizm
  • Rookies Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm – max #’d/25
  • Rookies Signatures Gold Prizm – max #’d/10
  • Rookies Signatures Green Prizm – max #’d/5
  • Rookies Signatures Black Prizm – #’d 1 of 1

X-Factor Signatures:

Collect autographs from some of the game’s biggest difference makers with X-Factor Signatures!

  • X-Factor Signatures Silver Prizm
  • X-Factor Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm – max #’d/25
  • X-Factor Signatures Gold Prizm – max #’d/10
  • X-Factor Signatures Green Prizm – max #’d/5
  • X-Factor Signatures Black Prizm – max #’d 1 of 1


Hunt some of the biggest names to ever come through the collegiate ranks with Signatures!

  • Signatures Silver Prizm
  • Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm – max #’d/25
  • Signatures Gold Prizm – max #’d/10
  • Signatures Green Prizm – max #’d/5
  • Signatures Black Prizm – #’d 1 of 1

Youth Explosion Signatures:

Be on the lookout for autographs from some of the top picks in this year’s draft class in Youth Explosion Signatures!

  • Youth Explosion Signatures Silver Prizm
  • Youth Explosion Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm – max #’d/25
  • Youth Explosion Signatures Gold Prizm – max #’d/10
  • Youth Explosion Signatures Green Prizm – max #’d/5
  • Youth Explosion Signatures Black Prizm – max #’d 1 of 1

Hobby Exclusive! Color Wheel:

Hunt for the rare Hobby exclusive SP insert, Color Wheel! A card featuring some of the games brightest stars, layered in front of a bright and dazzling wheel of color!


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