2021 Panini Playbook Football Hobby Box

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  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • 1 Pack per Box
  • 16 Boxes per Case


2021 Playbook Football is back with the best of the NFL from the Past, Present, and Future!

Look for Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs with on-card autographs and numbered to 299 or less!

Chase the best moments in the NFL captured with unique photography in Game of Inches and Red Zone Booklets!

Find unique Tri-Fold booklets with Nexus Jumbo Jerseys, Team Trios, and Vault Jersey Autographs, all numbered to 25 or less!

Other autographs sets feature Goal Line Graphs, Signature Routes, and Hail Mary Signatures!


  • 2 Autographs
  • 2 Memorabilia
  • 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Booklet per Box


Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs:

Look for on-card autographs from the 2021 NFL Draft with Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs all numbered to 299 or less!

  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Gold – #’d/99
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Platinum – #’d/49
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Green – #’d/25
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Red – #’d/10
  • Rookies Playbook Autographs Gloves – #’d/5
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs NFL Shield – #’d/1
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Nike Swoosh – #’d/1
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Laundry Tag – #’d/1
  • Rookies Playbook Jersey Autographs Printing Plate – #’d/1

Team Trios Tri-Fold:

Find the best trios to take the Gridiron for their NFL teams in Team Trios Tri-Fold, all numbered to 25 or less!

  • Team Trios Tri Fold Gold – #’d/10
  • Team Trios Tri Fold Premium – #’d/1


Chase the Armory booklets featuring multigear swatches of the 2021 rookie class!

  • Armory Gold – #’d/25
  • Armory Premium – #’d/1

Hail Mary Signatures:

Look for other autographs such as Goal Line Graphs, Signature Routes, and Hail Mary Signatures!

  • Hail Mary Signatures Platinum – #’d/49
  • Hail Mary Signatures Green – #’d/25
  • Hail Mary Signatures Red – #’d/10
  • Hail Mary Signatures Tag – #’d/1

Game of Inches:

The iconic memorabilia booklet returns with unique photography and jumbo swatches, find Game of Inches numbered to 49 or less!

  • Game of Inches Gold – #’d/25
  • Game of Inches Premium – #’d/1

Vault Tri-Fold Jersey Auto:

Chase the rare Vault Tri-Fold Jersey Autographs with an autograph and a collection of materials, all numbered to 25 or less!

  • Vault Tri-Gold Jersey Auto Gold – #’d/10
  • Vault Tri-Gold Jersey Auto Premium – #’d/1

Rookie Signature Locker:

All the gear to take the field, search for Rookie Signature Locker featuring head-to-toe gear from the 2021 NFL Rookie Class!

  • Rookie Signature Locker Prime – #’d/25
  • Rookie Signature Locker Premium – #’d/1

Rookies Signatures:

Exclusive to Hobby, look for Rookie Signature Parallels #’d/99 or less!

  • Rookies Signatures Gold – #’d/99
  • Rookies Signatures Platinum – #’d/49
  • Rookies Signatures Blue – #’d/25
  • Rookies Signatures Green – #’d/10
  • Rookies Signatures Black – #’d/5
  • Rookies Signatures Red – #’d/1
  • Rookies Signatures Printing Plates – #’d/1

Nexus Tri-Fold Jumbo Jerseys:

Team pride or best at their positions, look for Nexus Tri-Fold Jumbo Jerseys from the best the NFL has to offer!

  • Nexus Tri Fold Jumbo Jerseys Gold – #’d/10
  • Nexus Tri Fold Jumbo Jerseys Premium – #’d/1


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